FOR 2016 - 2017
Beginning Monday, August 22, 2016, all locations of
Adventureland Kids will open for our normal hours (6:
30am-6:00pm). We will service our currently registered
after care and before and after care students at no
additional charge. Our current before care only students
may pay the additional fee to drop in all day. This will be
until further notice based on the children returning to

We will be taking drop ins at a reduced rate for any new
and displaced customers. Also, any new customers that
intend on registering with Adventureland Kids for the
remainder of the school year will be charged no
registration fees. Please contact us through our website
inquiry, contact the centers if you have questions, need
our drop in services or would like to tour the facilities.

We do have many staff members and customers who
have lost everything so we will be taking anything you
would like to donate to them at our centers. I'm sure
they can use whatever they can get. They would really
appreciate it.. Thank you in advance.

May God bless all effected and all are in our prayers.